@Getting Started

Word-processing and spreadsheet Applications

Every nonprofit needs basic tools for handling documents and spreadsheets. I have found that using Google Apps (in the cloud) is a cost-effective and sufficiently-featured option.  Mature desktop applications (such as the Microsoft Office suite) may offer more features, but I have found the Google Apps in the cloud to be sufficient.

Domain Name

A new nonprofit should select and register a domain name. Most people will expect a domain name that ends in .org (organization) and may be surprised by one that ends in .com (commercial). If a suitable .org name isn’t available, of course consider a different top-level, such as .ngo. Few nonprofits have the need to register multiple domain names (see why not). Since it is important to not lose the domain name once the nonprofit has started to use it, consider a multi-year registration option. It is believed that a multi-year registration helps (slightly) improve the search engine ranking.

Site Design

The site design is the overall structure and look of your web site. This is a function that can often be out-sourced to a professional or done by a volunteer/existing staff if they follow my recommendations and avail themselves of free WordPress help resources.

WordPress Hosting

Your nonprofit will need WordPress hosting.  While it is technically feasible to just run your own computer server, that is not really practical. Perhaps easiest solution is to use a WordPress hosting provider since they take on the burden of providing an up-to-date and stable WordPress environment; however, in exchange for this ease, they may limit you to only use certain themes and plugins that they have tested.



If you have a very specific question about something I authored (e.g., a post or plugin) and not a general help/support question, my email address is jim (at) jmamsoftware.com; otherwise using the support forums or your hosting provider are your best bet (REALLY). Note that my ability to respond greatly depends on my out-of-country travel schedule (I’m often unreachable for several weeks at a time) and other demands on my time.